About Us

“Us” is a misnomer.  I’m just one person. My name is Michael Sirois. I’m a novelist, and I live in Spring, Texas, a northern suburb of Houston. I formed Truth Boots Publishing as an LLC in mid-2017, with the intent of publishing a non-fiction book. [Update: That book, Aggravated, was published in December 2020]. See the menu tab, Projects, for further information about it.

Over the last half of the twentieth century and nearly two decades of this one I’ve witnessed a great deal of cruelty and injustice perpetrated by human beings on each other and on this planet’s other living inhabitants (not to mention the damage we’ve done to the planet itself), often for no good reason other than greed or selfishness. I can’t do much about the whole ecosystem (although I do recycle, rarely eat red meat, use a hybrid vehicle, etc.), but hopefully I can take one issue at a time and make a difference, however slight. There are billions of us on the planet. If we each consistently did a little good occasionally, imagine the difference we could make.

Truth Boots is also home to a subsidiary imprint, Flio Widdix Publishing. While Truth Boots will be publishing non-fiction, Flio Widdix will be publishing all sorts of fiction.